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Hurricane Sandy lost animals: a resource

There’s a group on Facebook compiling and sharing information on animals lost in Hurricane Sandy -mainly NY & NJ, but some other areas, too.

So many lost, but some of them are finding their way back to their people through citizen groups like these.

Know of other good resources?

Excellent news:

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a law today that bans breed specific legislation.

Before pit bulls, it was rottweilers. Before rottweilers, it was dobermans. Before dobermans, it was shepherds. And it’s always, always been the people who are responsible.

Right on, Gov. Patrick.

Two on why rescue matters:

They save us.

We save them.

Cute-spam and a happy ending

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Meanwhile, from the people-are-evil-but-then-people-are-occasionally-also-awesome-but-mainly-LOOK-AT-HER-FLOPPY-CUTENESS-WITH-FRUIT-BAT-EARS-NO-LESS! files:

Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk

Not (just) Kansas anymore

Here’s a lovely story: veterinary team helps dog paralyzed in Joplin tornado to walk again (video).

Meanwhile, in Western Massachusetts (which only very rarely gets tornadoes at all, and even less frequently in populated areas), Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center (where Gilly came from) have been performing daily heroism helping reunite animals separated from their people in the tornadoes at the beginning of June. They both have wish-lists if you want to help.