Link-love round-up

I tried to show this to Gilly recently:

He just muttered something (it sounded like “*!@#@%$ overachiever”), gave a put-upon sigh, turned his back and went to sleep.

* * *

Here’s an interesting article which begins by interviewing the inventor of the Labradoodle, discussing how he feels about designer dogs (and why – though the article doesn’t even scratch the surface of the problems with modern dog breeding):

Whose bright idea was that? (How does it feel to invent something you later regret? Simon Hattenstone talks to the people who know)

* * *

Here’s a heart-stoppingly gorgeous program called In Search of the Jaguar – a little out of date now, but very much worth watching.
It follows Alan Rabinowitz’s efforts to create a jaguar corridor throughout Central and South America to give them a chance of survival – and his own story isn’t anything to sneeze at, either.
* * *
In related follow-up, here’s what Alan Rabinowitz and many others are working on right now:


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