About Gilgablog

This is a place for your virtual-dog-fix if you need one (the love of Gilgamesh is big enough for all of us), animal-related stuff I find interesting or funny or good, gratuitous cuteness to give you respite from grim news, evidence-based veterinary links and critical/skeptical/evidence-based training resources that actually work if you actually do them, animal rescue info, opportunities to do good deeds,  links to animal-related resources and potentially useful things, canine music videos and nature flicks, love-songs-to-the-familiar, or whatever else strikes the relevant fancies.


gilgablog (at) gmail (dot) com

Gilgamesh movies are here. [NOTE: Vimeo decided, after a decade of fine and 3.5 years after Gilly was gone and the place was serving as a shrine, that there were too many copyrighted pieces of songs (credited, not for profit) on the Gilgamesh movie station, so they deleted the entire channel without even notifying me. Screw you, Vimeo. I’ll re-upload them somewhere else at some point, and note it here when I do.]

In addition to the full time job of keeping Captain Commander Barkypants content, Gilgamesh’s typist also volunteers for animal shelters. She very much hopes you can do the same.



8.13.2001 – 9.9.2013
My beloved, my friend, my familiar, a gift: the window to beauty and the key to joy. Infinite. Boundless. Gone.



Dogs of yore:

Shalom (1997-2001) – one of the best beings on two legs or four I have ever known.

Hercules (1970’s) –  the wolf-hybrid who raised me.

Which explains a lot, doesn’t it.


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