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I’ve given up on the templates with a nice dark background to highlight photos because all of a sudden they either won’t post videos properly or they require white-text-on-black-background-eyestrain-o-vision.

Hence the redesign. Not as sharp for photos, but kindly to look at.

I’m also adding a couple of new tags: canispoetry & doG.

Canispoetry will be what it sounds like:  good poetry worth sharing, having to do with canis familiaris, canis lupus, canis et cetera and canis whatever.

A note about copyright vs. Creative Commons, etc.: when the full text of a poem is widely available online, I’ll post the full text here, because that’s how to get people to read it (if they have to click away, most people won’t). When it’s not already available all over the place but there’s something I can persuasively link to that will also help the writer or performer, I’ll do that. I will always supply as much info as I can about where you can not only read more of the author in question, but where you can buy their books – and I encourage you to do that. My own preference, as a poet and a teacher and an editor, is this: properly credited work shared widely is good for artists. It generates more, not less, readers and sales in the long run. Archaic copyright habits of a pre-internet age are not good for artists. Really.

The doG (dog is God spelled backwards, get it? get it?) tag (get it? get it?)  will be a place to bookmark interesting goodies about my own pet-geekery: mythology and folklore. There’s a whole lot of dog-related sacred story and folktale tradition out there, so it will take a while to build it up into anything useful – but for now, some starting places. I’ll back-edit-in more interesting links as I remember them and/or as you tell me about them in comments, too.


But first get a wolf


Lay down beside me I signaled to my wolf
Three pats of the sofa in the early morn
Then two pats of the heart to say why.
He did it silently, no reply when one does
What’s to do. I must rest my hand on you
For a while for the usual reasons. This
Is easy to say between wolves or wolves and people Continue reading


Wolf  Boy, by Oliver de la Paz

Click here to listen to Nic Sebastian read the poem at Whale Sound, and to see the text

(Click here for Oliver de la Paz’s website where you can listen to more poems and find his books.)

One of my favorites

The Promotion, by James Tate

I was a dog in my former life, a very good
dog, and, thus, I was promoted to a human being. Continue reading