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Training. Happy, fun times for sure.


Gilly meets his mini-me, and other dog park adventures

A 3 & 1/2 month old Lab-lette, learning to run with bike.


She’s already beautifully trained, as it should be: happy, healthy, in school, doing sit-stay, down, wait, come, leash trained and learning to heel to the bike, good social skills with other dogs, able to be safely off leash already, etc..

Really nice to see someone taking training (and the safety and freedom that go with it) seriously, early, and doing it right – this is a dog that’s going to have a great time in the world, rather than a stressful one. And a lot of exercise with that bike.  She’s so full of joy it radiates.



Gilly also got to play with a lovely 18 month old, who apparently doesn’t always remember that she’s not little anymore, as evidenced by her decision that I am a good human and therefore she must leap into my arms to be HELD. And KISSED. Funny, sweet girl.

She remembered she wasn’t supposed to jump after she’d already launched, so I caught her.

She was embarrassed, but it was ridiculously cute.


Then she went out onto the ice even though Gilly thought it was a bad idea, fell through, and – totally unfazed – climbed out and kept exploring.


Another very happy, good natured, well-cared for dog.

And both so pretty & full of puppy energy they tired Gilly right out.


Ever notice that babies, like cats, are often most interested in those who are least interested in them?

Gilly’s so good. He likes the sound of kids laughing, and enjoys watching them from a distance, but the up-close experience is usually just upsetting – still, he usually lets them thwack him and spit on him and scream in his ears once or twice before he crawls under the table.

The kinds of shared joys good training makes possible –

(and safe).

Gilly’s still having his Zoolander moments about heeling on the right of the bike when we’re near a road and he’s on leash (“I’m supposed to heel on the LEFT!” he says, when I ask him to get into position on the right, furthest away from the occasional passing car), but mostly he’s adjusted to the slightly different rule – and he’s 100% on staying heeled to the back wheel of the bike or a pace or two behind it, always.

The other day, a rabbit lunged out just inches in front of us, then zig-zagged back and forth up the trail for several yards in hysteria and panic: Gilly just twitched toward it for a second, then reined in his prey drive and stayed in heel position.

I swear, if I was a dog, I don’t think I’d be half as good as he is, training or not.

I suppose maybe I would if HE asked me to.


A tired dog is a happy dog.

Excellent news:

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed a law today that bans breed specific legislation.

Before pit bulls, it was rottweilers. Before rottweilers, it was dobermans. Before dobermans, it was shepherds. And it’s always, always been the people who are responsible.

Right on, Gov. Patrick.

Summer goodness

Gilly hasn’t been in a canoe since he was a pup. We’ve kayaked a fair bit, and he does well sitting between my knees in a cockpit, but I wasn’t sure how he’d handle the openness of a canoe after all this time.

Silly of me.

One two-minute demonstration of what I wanted him to do and the pooch was a pro. He even posed happily for pictures, got in and out of the boat with minimal rocking to cool off when we came to appropriate rocks along the way, and generally took the whole experience as his obvious due.

Another cherished day with Gilgamesh.

He’s a gift.

Canine music video: