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Our overlord says: NO NO NO NO NO NO


From our overlords: Robo Cat & what they get up to


“The shadow of a life grows small before the light of dogs.”

From Stephen Kuusisto, on Facebook:

“A lot of people say dogs make us human and who would sensibly argue the point? Those who work alone, hour after hour, know the good company of dogs. The bereaved who’ve survived scenes of huge violence are reminded of unambiguous good when therapy dogs arrive and nuzzle. The shadow of a life grows small before the light of dogs. Dog lovers have always known how canines complete their lives and nowadays theorists like Brian Hare (who coined the word “dogology”) argue dogs possess empathy which they share in abundance with their human partners. We know dogs are smarter than we’ve previously imagined. For the blind none of these ideas seems very surprising. Blindness, on a primary level, means living at one remove from the world, no matter how successful you are. A guide dog is not merely a guide through traffic, but an animal friend, close to the ground, beautiful, familiar, resilient, and strong. One can add confidence to empathy–a dog’s reliable faith can be shared with anyone, but especially the blind. Paired with a guide dog a blind person is back in the world, or, as was the case for me, is in the world for the first time.”

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Today in sports:

These were making the rounds just as I had a long, lovely interaction with a healthy, sleek, curious fox here at the lake:

Meanwhile, at the soccer stadium, a police dog is in trouble (but not with the fans) –

Poo poo pa do

Very funny story of entrepreneurial war in the Albany Times-Union:

Poop scooping is dog-eat-dog fight to top of the pile

You might assume that Jonathon Locke has a crappy job. You would be wrong. …He is driven by poo.

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