Tablet VIII

May the trees and the rocks and the trails

…..mourn you


May the paper birches strip themselves of their skin

…..and hobblebrush rip itself up by the roots

……….to lie down in weeping cradles

……………of meadowsweet and dog-toothed violet

……………… mourning

May wooden bridges hurtle off foundations,

…..mourning the lack of your feet

May the beechnut keen itself in two and cast forth a grove of cedars


May quartz extrusions shaped like dragons

…..crack themselves open in the shape of your name

……….and weep ten thousand tears of garnet


May the deer, the moose, the wolves

…..mourn you

May coyotes fill meadows with lamentation for you

May the chickadee whistle your summons

…..forever mourning that you do not come

and may every dog lie down and howl


May every forest that lacks you

…..turn the billion scents of the world to one

……………and sandalwood become the breath

………………..of every living being who mourns you


My Onyx Anubis, my Friend:

…..I will fashion nothing for you

……….with these empty hands

……………but a place to carry you always


The skin of the lion will smell of you

…..and the wilderness echo with mourning


(Like) eagles’ wings over the beloved’s face,

… soul’s mourning


King Gilgamesh


5 responses to “Tablet VIII

  1. Connie VanDeneede

    How in the world did I not find this before now? I have watched Flicker for years after learning about Gilly by way of Chris Clarke’s blog. I have always loved to see what my very small donation to help with his injury has reaped. I, too, have lost my black lab (Libby, 9/4/97-3/7/12). She was a goddess. I tried to put the banana sticker on her nose to recreate the Gilly shot but she opened her mouth and in it went! I look forward to reliving Gilly with the posts here. My deepest sympathy to you for such a loss. I know it all too well

    • Thank you, Connie – this world is riven without Gilgamesh in it. And will be for a long time, I suspect. But it means worlds to me every time I hear about all of Gilly’s friends and helpers in this world, who loved him whether they had ever met him or not.

      I am so sorry to hear of Libby’s death. Yes, such a loss.

  2. Connie VanDeneede

    Still thinking of you…the new photos on Flicker are gorgeous…just want to say I know how it goes with the hurt continuing but wish you joy out in such spectacular nature…

    • Thanks, Connie. It has been good to be in a landscape and part of the world that wasn’t ours. All of New England is layered with twelve years of him, so the grief is complicated by reacting constantly to memory & the eviscerating shock of his absence in a place where I (and many others) expect him.

      British Columbia has allowed me to grieve in a less-buffeted way.

      Not less, of course. But more simply.

  3. Thinking of you and feeling for you. Your art in the visual and words made him a part of my universe.
    Sending a super-moon your way. Libby and I walked many times in the serious moonlight when she needed to move out to forget she was old and sick and to take walks to sniff.

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