Gilly’s last good (1/2) hour


One of his favorite places, where we’ve played hide and seek and catch-me for 12 years – as we did today, for 15 minutes of real, playbow, laughing play.


The beloved, the beloved’s face.


A couple of weeks ago: mac and cheese. Last week: lamb. Today: blueberry pie.
His three favorite foods.






uncomplicated forward motion




“Are you an angel made of pie?” I’ve asked Gilly thousands of times. “Or are you a pie made of angels?” We never did decide.
So much love. So many gifts.


15 minutes of play, another 15 of walking around together, sitting in the grass, singing our Sam Cooke song (he did his own whole verse), and that was all he had left. It was a perfect half hour, though. And though it cost him, he gave all he had to it. So did I.

My beautiful Gilgamesh.


3 responses to “Gilly’s last good (1/2) hour

  1. Oh, Gilly. I don’t know what else to say. Thanks for posting this, J.

  2. Amazing…what a way to live a life to the fullest up unto the last moments..priceless!

  3. Tears for you and for Gilly, and joy, too, for this amazing love story. I think he was just about the luckiest dog in the world, but you were probably the luckiest friend as well. I’m so sorry, Jessamyn, and so grateful for the ways you shared this remarkable life and relationship with us. I’m going to miss him, but I know I won’t forget him.

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