Still stompin’ at Savoy

Labor Day, so between thunderstorms, a drive up through Savoy State Forest on back mountain roads, head out the window – and a little splash & stick & socializing at North Pond.

Gilly’s vigor and beautiful, equine movement impressed some onlookers, who admired him greatly.

It was nice to hear that.

I’ve become so hyper-vigilant about the changes and diminishments of his capacities these days: making sure he doesn’t fall, getting him a ramp for the car, worrying about his increasing fragility, and tracking his proprioception day to day like I’m Oliver Sachs – it was good to be reminded that to outside eyes, he’s still plain old beefcake.

To mine, of course, he’s still perfect. Just mortal. So terribly, terribly mortal.


There is so much joy in his capacity for joy, though.

Every day.

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