Get OFF me you weird biped, says Gilgamesh

A rough couple of weeks for the old man, resulting in an emergency vet visit the day before his 12th birthday, a visit to a canine neurologist a couple of days later, and many specters we shall not name raised in the process.

Thankfully, many of those specters have already been laid to rest, and the neurologist thinks our conversation about Gilly probably has less to do with imminent laying to rest than with steroids and physical therapy. But it’s been a grueling stretch, here, for the familiar and me.


There are still unanswered questions, but we have a clear and strong plan from great vets, and we’re following it.

Meanwhile, his heart and spirit are just fine, even if his spine isn’t, so the hovering is really just starting to annoy him. Ferdogssake, woman, he says. I’ve been going up and down stairs for 12 years. Stop patronizing me. Then he falls, so I hover some more.

He forgives me, because I have pizza.


4 responses to “Get OFF me you weird biped, says Gilgamesh

  1. poor gilly and you. I’m glad you’ve found a good vet to replace Dr. Shaw (is that his right name?) and I hope Gilly will feel better very soon.

    • Thanks so much, Pat – while no one can replace Dr. Shaw, the new folks in the Berkshires are also wonderful. Here’s to Gilly feeling stronger and more himself again –

  2. I feel for both of you. Shana has learned that steps are just off the menu now, and she continues in relatively fine fettle (and I have stopped hovering). It took some time to adapt though–for both of us–and some struggles. Many hugs.

    • Three cheers for Shana’s fettle.

      The neurologist was heartening about the distinct possibility that Gilly’s neuropathy will improve.

      It’s been hard on him to go from 3-5 (or 7) miles a day to struggling to make one – his primary drive is forward motion. At this point and age, though, if we can get back to even two mile-long walks a day, that would be great for his muscle and heart/spirit both – and if we can’t, we go a half mile, then I drive him around the neighborhood and let him put his head out the window, I guess, then later we go another half mile. Or quarter. Whatever he can do with joy and safety.

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