Another good day

Gilly had another small seizure a few days ago, so he’s been doing a lot of this:


He had his first one last year, and it was very similar: scary for me, weird and embarrassing for him, then three days or so of being a bit weak, tired, and confused. In about a week, he was completely himself again. The vet & I talked through all the possibilities, and I keep a close eye on him, but so far it’s just been the one last year, and this one – that I know about, anyway – and even if there have been other small ones leaving no effects, there’s no need to intervene at the moment. So while it’s a nasty reminder of his mortality – and in my perfect world, he would never feel anything unpleasant – we’re lucky. Much more often than not, he’s approaching 12 still full of beans and glee.

Today, he’s almost back to normal. Maybe a little wonky around the edges still, but feeling like telling jokes and goofing around, and hungry, and bored, which are all good signs.

I kept his walk short-ish, but he had some ya-yas to get out:






And then, he needed to swim.



And now, he swears I did NOT feed him supper already.

So I think he’s feeling much better.


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