And people wonder why my hackles went up when a vet tech called him “geriatric”

The “elderly” Gilgarino. He is full of beans.

We cruised the woods for miles and hours today. We went to town. We visited his friend. We met cute puppies. We did errands. We moved the car to the storm lot, because we’re supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow tonight. He had a Kong while I worked. He interrupted every three minutes, starving, or bored, or bored and starving and also bored.

BEANS. Full of them.

Either spring’s coming, or it’s the storm. 9pm, and he decided we should be playing tag.


At 9:30pm, I took him for a walk around the neighborhood, after which he decided he might be ready to call it a day. Maybe.

The older he gets, the more joyful I am when he’s feeling so well and strong he’s horribly persecuted by even momentary lack of adventure. That’s how we spent the first 7 years or so, after all.

May he be this full of himself for many years to come. His happy makes me happy.

Some beauty from today’s walk:

gilgameadows exploring gilgabridge gilgasawmill gilgawood march meadowgilly pineglen pinestretch sawmill-prowl sawmill-tributary-oxbow sycamore-geometries


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