Gilly meets his mini-me, and other dog park adventures

A 3 & 1/2 month old Lab-lette, learning to run with bike.


She’s already beautifully trained, as it should be: happy, healthy, in school, doing sit-stay, down, wait, come, leash trained and learning to heel to the bike, good social skills with other dogs, able to be safely off leash already, etc..

Really nice to see someone taking training (and the safety and freedom that go with it) seriously, early, and doing it right – this is a dog that’s going to have a great time in the world, rather than a stressful one. And a lot of exercise with that bike.  She’s so full of joy it radiates.



Gilly also got to play with a lovely 18 month old, who apparently doesn’t always remember that she’s not little anymore, as evidenced by her decision that I am a good human and therefore she must leap into my arms to be HELD. And KISSED. Funny, sweet girl.

She remembered she wasn’t supposed to jump after she’d already launched, so I caught her.

She was embarrassed, but it was ridiculously cute.


Then she went out onto the ice even though Gilly thought it was a bad idea, fell through, and – totally unfazed – climbed out and kept exploring.


Another very happy, good natured, well-cared for dog.

And both so pretty & full of puppy energy they tired Gilly right out.


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