Happy New Year!

Gilly & I ended up having an unexpected & totally lovely dog-date today while waiting for the busy tire place to switch us over to studded snows: an hour and a half of Very Important Dog town-walking and getting to meet all kinds of people and pooches including a couple of hilarious puppies, all of whom wished him happy new year; a visit to a dog-spa  where he got a great nail trim (a thing I never have professionally done, but why not?) and a bonus neck-tie as a gift from the super-nice lady there; some shared croissant & crumbs from the bag; a taste of a random guy’s cheeseburger back at the tire place (he’s a pro, that Gilly, with the calm-assertive begging, ha); and generally a whole lot of positive mutual regard and simple pleasantry.


We’re wishing you a year of many, many accidentally lovely days, aglow with kindness and interesting surprises from strangers.



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