The kinds of shared joys good training makes possible –

(and safe).

Gilly’s still having his Zoolander moments about heeling on the right of the bike when we’re near a road and he’s on leash (“I’m supposed to heel on the LEFT!” he says, when I ask him to get into position on the right, furthest away from the occasional passing car), but mostly he’s adjusted to the slightly different rule – and he’s 100% on staying heeled to the back wheel of the bike or a pace or two behind it, always.

The other day, a rabbit lunged out just inches in front of us, then zig-zagged back and forth up the trail for several yards in hysteria and panic: Gilly just twitched toward it for a second, then reined in his prey drive and stayed in heel position.

I swear, if I was a dog, I don’t think I’d be half as good as he is, training or not.

I suppose maybe I would if HE asked me to.



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