We’re fine, but

what’s happening in Western Massachusetts is horrendous.

Here’s Gilly’s favorite swimming hole as it usually is:

Here’s Shelburne Falls and the potholes this afternoon:

The whole central line through Vermont is in the same shape.

Saxton’s River has always been another favored Gilly spot. It usually looks like this:


Brattleboro, Chester, Ludlow, Wilmington, Rutland, Bennington, many other Vermont towns all the way up to Burlington: underwater.

Greenfield, Colrain, Charlemont, Huntington, Conway,  Buckland, many other Western Massachusetts towns: underwater.

Whole towns and regions are going down in the disaster, which will continue to worsen through tonight and possibly through the next few days as all the flooding tributaries hit the Connecticut River and push the beast over her banks.

There really are no words. Peoples lives and livelihoods and homes are literally being hurled over dams and shattered into thousands of pieces.

Honestly, I’ve been avoiding the stories about animal suffering due to the storm. Can’t deal right now. But here’s one with a happy-ish ending: when someone abandoned a box of infant kittens in a flooded parking lot today, the Goshen Fire Department ended up rescuing them. Six of the eight kittens survived the soaking, and they are being syringe-fed until they can get homes.

This one’s named Irene.

The worst of the day for Gilly, glad to say, was that just as the storm got started I cruelly made him go outside in the rain to do whatever he needed to do before the wind got so high he’d blow away.


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