Gilly’s 10th birthday walk

He’ll get his annual b-day trip to Maine & the ocean in a week or two when work settles down but before school starts, and tonight he’ll get the drive-in and a cheeseburger. Today, a mellow day just hanging out together and enjoying the simple pleasures – ten years of them now, and each day with him one I’m grateful for.


With cheeseburger.


2 responses to “Gilly’s 10th birthday walk

  1. Happy birthday, you grey-bearded puppy.
    This film has a perfect ending.
    It’s hard not to anthropomorphize when a face looks that intelligent.
    You two have trained each other well with the stick thing.
    I still get a little queasy when I see him jump into water and I can’t see what’s under the surface.
    And, by the way, you throw pretty good for a girl.

  2. His face. Slaysome. We’re having a simple, mellow, good day together: perfect.

    And yeah, my nerve-wracking pooch: we’ve scoped out all the safe places for jumping in the new lake, and I still check them first, and lecture guests who throw for him about how a) yes, he is incredibly, freakishly smart, and b) at the same time, his joy is larger than his sense and where you throw he will go, so throw carefully.

    You should see how far I can pitch his sticks when I’m not trying to keep a camera trained on him. He has me well-trained indeed. : )

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