Gold star at the vet

Gilly had a vet appointment today for his Leptospirosis and Lyme Disease vaccines/boosters, as well as a general check-up: not only did he get praise and grilling about his habits both gustatory and exercise-related for what’s keeping him in such good shape at almost-10, Doc Shaw pronounced: “I am VERY happy about his teeth. VERY HAPPY!”


He also made note of very clean ears, no sign of his weird knee issue of last year or his corneal scratch of the year before, perfect weight, beefcake muscles, and groovy exercise habits, and made a point of telling me I was doing a really, really good job taking care of the boy – I thing I appreciated hearing since I do my best but always wish I could do more (and worry like a fool, often for no reason).

Generally we both just enjoyed having a nice, trauma-free, no-urgencies appointment while Gilly got his (completely unnoticed) shots and ate cookies.

I imagine for a vet, particularly one who splits his time between large and small animals and does some gruesome, difficult farm work in addition to surgeries and emergencies and 2AM calls that don’t end well, that’s a nice thing.

With Gilly – who is still, even at his advancing age, a total crackhead prone to athletic injuries of sometimes spectacular natures – it’s also nothing to be taken for granted!

One more mile?


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