More on to glucosamine or not to glucosamine:

Is Recommending Glucosamine for Arthritis Evidence-Based Medicine, or Wishful Thinking?

Long, but if you’re trying to weigh the evidence, very worth the read.

There’s no question that forging ahead with belief in glucosamine’s efficacy is an extremely profitable thing for those selling it, but have a look at the articles, links out to other points of view, and comments from vets.

I have to just note: it bothers me quite a lot that this is the argument FOR its use, at this point:

After finding no clinically relevant effects on perceived joint pain or joint space narrowing, the authors wrote, “We are confident that neither of the preparations [glucosamine or chondroitin] is dangerous.  Therefore, we see no harm in having patients continue these preparations as long as they perceive a benefit and cover the costs of treatment themselves.”

From another glucosamine review, “[I]t is likely that most consumers find the presence or absence of clinical evidence demonstrating efficacy to be irrelevant.”

Which translates to:

Paragraph one: it doesn’t seem to work, but it doesn’t seem to do any harm, so if people are willing to shell out big bucks for it, why not?

Paragraph two: clients are stupid, anyway.

Not okay. Especially in an economy like this one, when people who love their animals may well be cutting their own grocery budgets or otherwise turning themselves inside out to do what their vets tell them is best for their cherished friends.


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