Treatment for cabin fever

The Northeast is in the time of high, impassable heaps – and we’re due for another foot of snow tomorrow.

We’re also coming off of several days with dangerous and painful -25 to -35 wind chills, and while it’s much warmer today (a balmy 14!), Gilly and I both have some cabin fever.

So in a stroke of brilliance, if I do say so myself, Gilly and I went to the local Farmer’s Supply and spent some time in the greenhouse.

We pretended we were in the Mojave:

Then selected some basil, oregano, and mint to bring home, pot and graze:

We visited orchids:

And needless to say, we ended in the candy aisle:

It gave Gilly’s nose a treat, gave us a little adventure that wasn’t a strenuous battle through cold depths or brutal winds on his aging joints – and of course anything that ends in a turkey patty is a good thing.

Just what the doctor ordered.


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