The forest as chandelier

Insane beauty in the woods today.

The ice storm has turned the trees to glass:

Today was our first real hike since Gilly broke his claw last week: he’s still sore, but healing well – and we were both (urgently) ready for a decent walk. His padding/bandage held for the duration, for once, protecting the foot from bangs and jabs.

We went looking for, and found, the snowmobile trails in Pisgah State Park in New Hampshire; they’ve broken and flattened the blood-letting ice-crust down  into the 3 feet of snow beneath it, making passage possible without injury – and for long distances. Kept it to about three miles today, but they go and go, and now so will we as Gilly’s up to it.

We relied on snowmobilers when we were in the Vermont mountains, too: paw and cabin-fever salvation, those packed-down trails. And three cheers for the responsible clubs that keep the trails clean and respectful.

All ice and blue and blessed movement in welcome sun.

These crystalline January days are spectacular.

Clean, sharp, bright.


2 responses to “The forest as chandelier

  1. That second photo is simply spectacular. (The others ain’t too shabby, either.)

  2. Thanks, Lorianne! Glad you like ’em. It was just breathtaking out there today.

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