Jolly Ball #3

There’s nothing like seeing your most cherished friend happy:

I swear I’m not paid by the Jolly Ball people, but I happily shill for them anyway because this toy lights Gilly up with joy. Originally made for horses (“equine enrichment”!), they now come in many sizes, and there’s a whole line of dog products. A few years back someone from Jolly Pets/Horseman’s Pride emailed us and asked to use some of Gilly’s pictures and videos in their trade shows, since he demonstrates the ball with such delight: we were glad to agree. Yeah, he’s a supermodel.

His first one (blue) lasted from when he was two or three until he was six, the second (red) held up until he was well into this his ninth year – it’s thoroughly perforated now, though, and it was time.

We went for the full horse-sized neon green model.

It was beloved in seconds.


3 responses to “Jolly Ball #3

  1. Gilly glee. And absolutely perfect music.

    Kelsey has his beloved soccer ball — and has had the same soccer ball since he was a pup. He has a very gentle mouth and doesn’t perforate his toys — usually he doesn’t even get the chance, because little Jax steals and hoards all toys. Except the one that’s too big for him to pick up, the soccer ball.

    Maybe I should get Kelsey a new soccer ball.

  2. I don’t know – if it’s not falling apart and is cherished, it might have taken Kelsey all these years to get it Just Right.

  3. Probably true. And following your implication will save me a few bucks, too.

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