Boxing Day Nor’Easter!

As a friend of mine said: it sounds – and feels – like the house is going 50mph right now, but the power is still on, Gilly & I have the wood-stove stocked, and man, it’s dramatic out there. Hope you & yours are safe and don’t have to drive today.

Will add photos here throughout the day (if the power holds): it is breathtaking.

Here’s Gilly deciding against going out to pee last night: when a huge gust hit him sideways he turned right around and came back in.

Gilly remembers how to pee in deep snow:


Hemlock gust:



Woot! Snow!

And then,

he was ready to go inside right now please.

More pics here.

Or, you can watch the movie:


4 responses to “Boxing Day Nor’Easter!

  1. I would miss all of that if I didn’t have poets to tell me about it. I think I would, anyway.

    @Gilly: you’ve got to make some of that snow yellow SOMEtime, big guy. Might as well get it over with.

  2. We went out into the forest and the tree-shelter made peeing much more pleasant.

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