Animal-assisted health care

Via Vet Blog, more on how dogs help us when we’re sick.

With the huge amount of evidence already out there about how animals reduce stress hormones, identify health problems, get us walking, and any number of other concretely positive effects of hanging out with furry types, you’d think this would be more common.

The Doctor’s Dog Will See You Now

Of course, sometimes, the dog’s more useful to you than the doctor, all Freudians, insurance companies and unscientific woo considered. That’s worth considering, too.


One response to “Animal-assisted health care

  1. Random anecdote about dogs in doctor’s offices making the visit more pleasant and relaxed: the main neurologist I’ve seen for faulty-wiring (migraines) has a big Golden named Malarkey. Most visits, he’s ignored me after a friendly wag of greeting (he’s got a comfy bed there’s probably little reason to leave most of the working day). But when I’ve gone in there with an active migraine, he sits next to my chair and leans his head – very, very gently and carefully – on my arm. Which doesn’t stop the migraine, but it’s awfully sweet. Also: “Malarkey” is a completely excellent name.

    More on how dogs are good for you:

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