Slaysome, the fatal cuteness of Gilgamesh.

This picture just needs a post of its own.


17 responses to “Slaysome, the fatal cuteness of Gilgamesh.

  1. Ah, a distinguished bit of gray around the muzzle. How elegant!

  2. Oh yes. Big smooches on that beautiful, beautiful face.

  3. he’s looking very distinguished with his gray whiskers.

  4. woop- looks like I’m not the first to have noticed!

  5. What gray? I don’t see any gray. Gray whiskers? He’s a PUPPY.

    *la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la*

  6. And Gilly sings:

    *I’m a puppeh dog and I don’t gray
    I snore all night and I play all day
    my Momma’s denial is A-okay
    ’cause I’m a puppeh dog and got no gray*

  7. We just had the best dusk-frolic in the woods. Definitely a day when I can deny his near-decade with ease.

  8. Yep. Coulda predicted that. Stick to smooches.

    *pries Jessamyn’s hands off her ears, gives Gilly puppeh treats, shoos them off into the pasture, and then glares at Sherwood and Joseph”

  9. Kelsey rocks. And Fonzie with his dastardly feline youth serum, too.

  10. Kelsey, without question, rocks. Just don’t tell him that… he’ll wonder what it means and worry about whether or not he should consider it a threat to family, and all that stuff. He’s not an alpha, or a beta, or a gamma — but he’s been put in a place where he thinks he should be one of those. Hence, I think, the gray stuff. Really, that’s what I think.

    And, as concerns Fonzie, he simply trips on the tips of his claws across the dimensions. I have no idea how old he is, or whether that concept even applies to him.

  11. Oh boy. Kelsey is a cutie, Sherwood, as is his sidekick, Fonzie. I love the idea of him tripping across dimensions on the tips of his claws. No glares for you, that’s for sure. More smooches for the furry ones!

    My late baby is here:

    The post is about our last walk together, so you may want to avoid reading, though I’d be honored if you did. Bring tissues.

  12. Gilly’s the same way, Sherwood – although he’s matured into a more confident and front-of-the-pack-guy than I thought he would (he started out as an omega, as far as alphabetical measurements go – probably the runt, definitely borderline too young for separation from his mom, etc.), his nature is to follow. And, at the same time, his loyalty and bond with me is roughly the size of the Andromeda Galaxy, so even when he was a jumpy little fella, he pushed himself to be much larger and braver than he was.

    So I hear you about Kelsey and responsibility and worry. I swear sometimes our dogs give themselves ulcers worrying about us. “Rocks? I ‘rock’? Where? Am I supposed to move it? Or guard it? Is it dangerous?”

    And yeah, Fonzie tripping across dimensions on the tips of his claws, time not applying: perfect! He’s majesterial, that boy. Magic-sterial.

  13. Sherwood has heaps of extremely and ridiculously fine furry persons, Beth – you should check out his Flickr sets:

    Kelsey Supplicant
    Alnitak a-Snooze

    I’m dying to meet these critters.

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