Link-love: thirsty bats, curious sharks, shaking dogs, mangy chupacabras, grave-robbing bears and the skin trade

How bats find water and why metal confuses them. Very cool video.

Shark. In 3D. Tasting the camera, which turns out to be less chewy than it looked.

“It’s just an animal” – a 6-shot photo essay by Mark Leong, a US photographer living in China, who has won the Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year award.

Scary chupacabras monster is as much victim as villain.”

Poor coyotes.

Can’t find berries? Working for vegetables got you down?

Eat dead people.

Grave-robbing bears.

And on an hilarious note combining two of my favorite species (dogs and physicists):

Wet Dog Shake! With high-speed video and fur-particle tracking.


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