An interview with Gilgamesh.

I’m presently involved in a fascinating research project, doing some interviews with artists (writers, storytellers, painters, sculptors, musicians, etc.) about how they invent abundant artistic economies to support their creative lives: an assets-based look at how we successfully enable artistic work and community, rather than a(nother) deficits-focused analysis of scarce resources.

This project necessitates the use of a new digital recorder gadget, which Gilly has kindly assisted me in testing by offering to be interviewed.

Here he discusses abundance vs. scarcity models with regard to the availability of crunchy treats, and performs a stirring rendition of the classic “Ballad of the Poor, Unloved Starving Dog.”


5 responses to “An interview with Gilgamesh.

  1. “sing it Gilly!”

  2. I. Have. The. Best. Dog. Ever.

    Also: how impressed are we with the excellent sound-quality of the crunching demonstrations!?

  3. Gilly’s closing lament? esctatic wail? suggest the possiblity of a career as a reconstructionist cantor. No coincidence that this was recorded the day before Yom Kippur….

  4. Gilly will be flattered to hear that, Al.

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