Estate planning – what happens to our animals when we die?

Via VetBlog:

It’s a morbid subject, but it is a fact of life. Pet custody should be a part of everyone’s estate planning.

Enter the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (my alma mater). The school has started a program to help the school while helping people who worry that their pets will outlive them.

Participants in the Tender Loving Care for Pets Program make a donation to the school and pay an enrollment fee. In return, the program guarantees lifetime veterinary services for any enrolled pet that is predeceased by its owner. More important, it guarantees that a loving home will be found.

The donation, of course, goes to a good cause.

The Summer, 2010 UC Davis Veterinary Medicine News reports that the program recently found a home for its first enrolled animal.

I love that this program guarantees vet care for the enrolled animal; seems like this could make it much more possible for people to adopt an orphan, even if money is tight.

In general, it’s a good reminder. If we don’t have an arrangement for our animals in the event that something happens to us, a shelter is where they’ll probably go.


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