Fundraising for Haitian animal relief:

$5 from every bracelet will go to the Best Friends Animal Society disaster relief fund and to aid their work in rescuing the animals in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.

I don’t generally care much for the whole fashion-action thing, but Best Friends Animal Society does great work and any help toward aiding Haitian animals post-earthquake – and raising awareness about their plight – is a good thing.

Check it out here.


When it comes to animal rescue efforts in the face of disaster, no one does it better than Best Friends Animal Society.

They were critical in helping rescue thousands of animals after the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina and are already involved in the relief effort for the animals of Haiti.

By wearing the Haiti Animal Aid bracelet, you not only provide desperately needed funds for shelter, food, medical care and vaccinations, you are also showing your support and helping to spread the word…

Best Friends Animal Society operates the country’s largest sanctuary for homeless animals and works globally with animal shelters and rescue groups to bring about a time when there will be no more homeless pets. They have joined up with other animal organizations to form the Animal Relief Coalition in Haiti (ARCH). Best Friends Animal Society website


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