I knew I’d find one someday.

Naturalist/poet/editor/writer Dave Bonta and I both keep an eye on Argos beeches lately.

They keep an eye on us, anyway.

While I’ve found all sorts of spectacular ordinaries in the last week’s peregrinations with Himself the Gilgamesh –

[a not-yet-sappy pear orchard, all gnarly bare elegance ~ Doric works of beavers fit to hold up temples ~ a humble witch hazel wearing frothy spring-harbingers ~ pedestals exposed when the tree is knocked off]

– it’s impossible to beat the beech I encountered today.

Forget Argos.

I found a Totoro Tree.

* * *


2 responses to “I knew I’d find one someday.

  1. This post made me squeal with delight. How observant you are. Gratuitous cuteness is a wonderful tag. I must see if I can use it one day. I’m still giggling.

  2. Very funny! That beaver tree is amazing, too.

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