To Gilgamesh

This is just to say I saw
the way your hips gave
and splayed you on ice—
you got right up, smiling,
but still a reminder is due,
less to you than to gods
I don’t believe or genes
I can’t predict, and it is this:
remember that brazen promise
made when you weren’t even
grown; seventeen years, each
of them whole and joyous—
a crazy promise, but possible;
remember I am not prepared
for mortality and we talked
about this—cherished familiar
bones hold, beloved live long;
what good are stubborn promises
if I can’t protect you from falling?


5 responses to “To Gilgamesh

  1. This is beautiful, Jessamyn.

  2. got leaky eyes.

  3. Post vet:

    Gilly has no Lyme Disease, and apparently his hips are totally solid under all that athlete’s muscle (there was much praise for his beefcake – and the lady at the desk was mightily impressed with his ‘elegant posture’ and ‘those eyes!’ Work it, Gilly).

    His marvelous vet suspects his right kneecap of being tricky. If it is a luxating patella, I guess he might or might not need some surgery: not clear yet. If that’s what it is, is isn’t very severe, but it could be going out on him and causing the spills.

    Except for the occasional falling down off and on this week – which doesn’t seem to involve pain at all, just momentary embarrassment – he feels just fine.

    Less worried. Still puzzled.

    We’ll learn more soon.

  4. No more spills since that bad week.

    Keeping an eye on it, and groping his poor knees all the time, but he’s steady on his pins. Maybe it was an injury and he’s healed it.

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