Foreclosure pets: resources

Via VetBlog, a brief article in The Economist about foreclosure animals.

As the number of job losses and foreclosures has mounted over the past two years, some people have chosen to surrender their animals, unable to afford pet food let alone veterinary care. Many have brought their dogs and cats to shelters. Some have been less kind, chaining them to fences or locking them inside their foreclosed homes. One kitten was even left in a mailbox in Boston.

Please take note of the website Foreclosure Pets (dot org):

Welcome and thank you for visiting Our goal/mission is to help all homeowners facing foreclosure in the United States to find a new home and/or temporary adoption for their pets until they can get back on their feet. Currently there are over 1.6 million foreclosures and with the current economy, including credit crunch and job market, unfortunately there will be more in the near future. Sadly, pets are being left behind to fend for themselves and in many cases this results in starvation and death.

These animals cannot survive on their own and simply do not deserve this treatment.

The goal of is to provide a FREE SERVICE where current homeowners can establish an account. Once the account is set up, they will be able to post their pet’s information, including photos, description, and contact information in order to find them a temporary home or a new family.

We also encourage other rescue groups, non-profits and even agents to post animals they have or may find in foreclosure homes on our site.

In addition we have a lost/found section for animals so if you find a pet or lose your own you can post the information on the website. If you, or someone you know, are in danger of losing their home, please have them visit to give their pet a chance to find a loving home.


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