Fluff, to ameliorate the news-ache


My perennial favorite:

And finally:

Got funnies?

Put them in the comments.

I think we could all use some.


5 responses to “Fluff, to ameliorate the news-ache

  1. From the reasons-it-seems-good-to-be-an-animator files: sheer upbeat fluff like this lemur-bumping, hippo-shaking business from Madagascar –

    Also, highlights from the awesome Happy Feet:

  2. okay, the schrödinger one’s freakin hysterical

  3. Right?

    Here’s something I bet you didn’t know:

  4. I’d forgotten about I Haz A Hotdog!

    I love this one:

    OH NO! ha ha ha


    HA HA HA HA HA Cesar Millan’s going to be coming to this house:

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