Medicine for what ails you –

A daily dose of joy; courtesy of Gilgamesh and his pals Icey and Fish.


2 responses to “Medicine for what ails you –

  1. tell you whut if that dog ain’t too damn happy!

  2. He really is.

    The crazy part is that his happiness is so visible and self-evident that I get neurotic whenever the poor guy just needs to veg out in the comfy chair. What’s WRONG!?! And forget about it on the days when his joints are sore or he has a fever or something. End of the world.

    Okay, not really.

    But it is true that when a person’s joy is so expressive, his equally expressive boredom or unhappiness or godforbid pain is pretty hard to take. I HATE it when he’s not happy. Their lives are so short. I want every day to be perfect.

    !%^$#@&@ mortality.

    (Hence: compulsive dogumentation.)


    But the main point here is: GILLY RULES. And he brings me epic amounts of joy every day. And hopefully I give at least some of it back.

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