Remember animal shelters this holiday season:

If you’re lucky enough to be employed and financially secure, please consider helping those who can’t help themselves.

Ask your local animal shelter(s) what they need this holiday – and remember that more and more (human) food banks and food pantries are offering pet food to help prevent animal homelessness: they could use your help. Every bag of dog or cat food makes a big difference to a struggling family.

Here are some specific things people are doing:

Holiday blankets go out for homeless pets

The Smulsons run Operation Blankets of Love, a non-profit, animal rescue organization that collects blankets, towels, pet beds and other donations, and then delivers the items to homeless animals. The couple said they have now expanded deliveries to Vancouver, Texas and Vermont.

“You can save a life by giving a simple blanket,” she said. “Anyone can participate.”

Smulson said animal shelters have little to no budget for comfort items like blankets, and dogs and cats are often left sleeping on concrete. She said giving an animal a blanket makes an improvement because the animal is happier, relaxed and feels safe, which can help when it comes time for someone to adopt.

Provide wishlist items for shelters:

Here’s the wishlist for Gilly’s local shelter – most shelters have some kind of wishlist available online or by phone, and most places will need similar things:

Cat & Kitten Wish List

  • Non-scoopable cat litter (we ALWAYS need this!)
  • KMR Kitten Formula
  • 2 oz. pet nursing bottles
  • Chicken or turkey all-meat baby food (human) for sick kittens
  • Canned kitten food
  • Snuggle Safe heating discs
  • Snuggly baby blankets or polar fleece bedding
  • Gift cards to Stop & Shop, Dave’s, Greenfield Farmer’s Co-op, or Amherst Farmer’s Supply
  • Plastic cat carriers
  • And, of course, monetary donations to assist with veterinary bills!

Equipment and Supplies for Facilities

  • Cargo or mini-van in excellent condition
  • LCD projector
  • Industrial-type metal fans
  • Snow blower
  • Snow shovels
  • Gift cards to redeem at stores such as BJ’s, Leader Home Center, Cowle’s Lumber, Home Depot, Staples, Target, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and pet supply stores

Supplies for Dogs

  • Blankets
  • Advantage or Revolution flea treatments
  • Large Greenies treats
  • Easy Cheese (spray cheese)

Maintenance Supplies

  • Antibacterial hand soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Soap
  • Bleach
  • Facial and bathroom tissue
  • Sponges, rubber gloves, brooms, industrial mop heads
  • Paper towels
  • Very large (ie, 39 gallon) heavy duty trash bags

Office Supplies

  • New or like-new color laser printer
  • White copy/printer paper
  • Assorted colored paper
  • File folders
  • Laminating machine and letter-size pouches
  • Staples, paper clips, Scotch tape, pens, paper cups, plates, plastic-ware
  • First class postage stamps

Donate to pet food banks:

Save Our Pets Food Bank

The Pet Food Bank

Human food banks increasingly carry much-needed pet food – please donate!


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