Cold. It’s here.


5 responses to “Cold. It’s here.

  1. Nice visibility on that jacket!

  2. George Shanley Koeber

    Once again that fella is just too cute for words. the hood is over the top


  3. It’s his pea-pod impersonation. I call him sugar snap.

    That’s the coat I tried to alter for his Victorian figure before I remembered I really can’t sew anything more complicated than a hem. It was so loose he was going to pee into it.

    So I took it to a wedding dress tailor and she fitted Gilly, altered it to his measurements complete with piping where she needed to trim, and was then mighty pleased with herself. The G-man & I were pleased, too.

    The down hoody RULES.

  4. The hoody! Oh oh oh, mighty cute, indeed. ‘Specially himself peeking out from under the pink blankets. Gilly rules. So does his human.

  5. Ain’t he grand?

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