The continuing saga of the real Michael Vick

Michael Vick’s unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren’t moving on


Jay Leno: “It’s amazing to me that you mistreat a dog and you lose your career and go to jail for two years.”
Chris Rock: “What the hell did Michael Vick do, man? A dog, a pit bull ain’t even a real dog. A pit bull, that’s the white stuff. Dogs are white mans best friend – dogs have never been good to black people.”
“What Michael Vick did was not just dog fighting,” said Marthina McClay of Our Pack, a pit bull rescue group in Santa Clara, and the owner of one of the Vick dogs, Leo. “It went so far beyond that, and most people who defend him are uninformed. They don’t really realize what Michael Vick did.”
Here’s what Michael Vick did:
“Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water.”…

She continued, “We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

Vick did all that and more* to his dogs, and even threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mauled, according to a witness who testified to federal investigators.

[*From the link: “For those who are still not aware, Michael Vick on the other hand is the guy who not only fought dogs, but threw family pets into the pit for fun, and laughed while they were suffering “major injury.” He’s the guy who killed dogs in a variety of ways – one last time: hanging, drowning, shooting, repeatedly slamming their head and spine into the ground until dead, and electrocuting with jumper cables attached to their ears before being thrown into his pool. So no, not even a regular kind of dog-fighter, but an over-the-top, especially sadistic kind of man.”]


“Vick has never expressed one word of remorse for what he did to those dogs,” said McClay. “Not in any of his public statements, and not in his appearance on ’60 Minutes.’ Vick said he ‘let it happen.’ He slammed and beat and hung dogs to death. It’s like Ted Bundy saying, ‘I let someone murder this girl.’ He doesn’t take any responsibility for it.”

Reynolds doesn’t think it’s an accident that most of Vick’s supporters are so in the dark about his crimes against dogs.

“It worked out nicely for Vick that he never faced his animal abuse charges in court,” she told me. “That meant football fans were spared the most disturbing details of his tortures and could go back to their Sunday night ritual with barely a hiccup.”

This small dog was found after the raid on Vick's dogfighting operation in Virginia. He was taken in by the Georgia Humane Society and eventually adopted by new owners. Photo: Donna Reynolds

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