Epic Love Thing: The Movie


6 responses to “Epic Love Thing: The Movie

  1. Awww! Love all the puppy play bows they do to each other. Warms the cockles of my heart. 🙂

  2. They were SO cute together. That was some serious roughhousing for my 8 year old boy with a somewhat damaged leg, too – but he was absolutely fine today. He’s in good shape after a summer of long hikes, I guess. Big fun was had by all.

  3. Even an old dog like me sees something new once in a while: I never had a date actually climb into her drink!

    Once again your choice of soundtrack is exquisitely on point. Wonderful post.

  4. So adorable! I just love watching dogs be dogs. It makes any day go to totally awesome.

  5. Full-body immersion into her drink! She does the alligator impression my Shalom used to do: tip of chin to tip of tail extended to maximize the cool.

    “Cheek to Cheek” is in my top ten of favorite songs, Sherwood – no one tops Ella doing it with Louis Armstrong, but Eva Cassidy’s version is great, too.

    I-Chant, I know. There’s hard and grim no matter what, and lots of it – and even in the worst of it Gilly can make me laugh.

    People always ask that annoying ‘how do you relieve stress?’ question in interviews: I should start answering ‘I make stupid music videos. With dogs. Lots of them.’

  6. Totally worth waiting til Monday for!! It was so romantic and beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever had a date so perfect as that.

    Also, I think that making music videos starring dogs is a perfectly good answer to that annoying question, btw. Genuine coping skills are so often freaky to others (speaking for myself anyway). This one is charming and harmless.

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