Good news on two shelter/rescue fronts:

Another piece on how Pilots N Paws is getting dogs out of the south and into the north where they have a better shot at adoption:

…across Georgia and much of the South… lax laws and attitudes mean rampant pet overpopulation. Metro Atlanta shelters euthanize thousands of animals…every month. But decades of strict licensing and neutering laws in the Northeast and upper Midwest have created both space and demand for adoptable animals….

In an effort to…draw attention to the problem, Pilots N Paws last week took the effort to the skies. The volunteer message board connected pilots to rescuers, with a goal to save 5,000 animals between Sept. 12 and Sunday. The group rescued about half its goal the first weekend…

Georgia dogs adopted by yearning Northerners

Kiddo and Trixie await their flight to Delaware. The strays found homes in just 11 days, thanks to a recent effort.

* * *

In New York, a winning lawsuit has given the city 60 days to actually implement its own 2002 law and have functioning, 24 hour animal shelters in all five boroughs:

The decision, handed down last week by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Shafer, gives the city 60 days to come up with a plan for “immediate implementation” of the law signed in 2000. … “Homeless dogs have been dying in unconscionable numbers because the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has not provided the shelter space required by statute,” the group charged in its lawsuit. The law originally required full-service animal shelters in all five boroughs by 2002. That deadline was extended by four years through additional legislation.

Animal activists celebrate judgment that will force New York City to build animal shelters

Betty, one of thousands of animals put to sleep
in a NYC shelter due to space constraints
and there not being enough loving homes


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