As is too usual,

there are a huge number of current and recent news stories about pitt bulls dying in fighting rings.

If/when these dogs are lucky enough to be found, many of them have to be euthanized by shelter staff  because their wounds – of many kinds – are so severe, and the reality is there are too few resources available for the kind of intensive help they need.

That’s not always the story, though.

I’ll do a post on the great work of pitt bull rescue organizations soon.

For now, from the Germantown, PA dogfighting ring busted a few weeks ago:

“The pup pictured above is one-month-old Petey, a pit bull mix, he was rescued by a Dogster member after his mother was shot and he (along with littermates) were left in a trash bag to die. He is up for adoption.”

[Via Dogster’s blog.]

If you click through to the Dogster adoption page, you’ll see that this puppy’s gotten a good home.


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