Foreclosures, unemployment = homeless animals and impossible situations for shelters

Photo by Ashley Lowery/Daily News-Sun

Here’s one of many, many articles coming out daily on the thousands of animals – especially cats – being abandoned and relinquished by people who can no longer afford to feed them, pay for vet care, and/or who no longer have a home themselves.

Economic Hardships Strain Animal Shelters:

…a combination of factors are contributing to the large number of cats and kittens.

“It’s kitten season,” Henson said. “And unfortunately people are losing their homes and relocating, and going from homes into apartments which either don’t take animals or charge fees for pets, or the people can’t afford pet deposits.”

Henson said SCAR [Sun Cities Animal Rescue in Glendale] is receiving 10 to 15 calls a day from people trying to surrender their older cats.

People are also abandoning their animals when they lose their homes and apartments, Henson said.

“And every week we get at least one cat with kittens just left in our courtyard,” Henson said. “And that’s been going on for months. And the same with dogs.”


“Just in the past week alone, we have taken in 500 cats and kittens,” said Shannon Valenzuela, director of shelter operations for the Arizona Humane Society, which posted the signs warning those surrendering their cats of the possible subsequent euthanasia. “The lack of cat adopters makes the situation even more crucial. We haven’t had to euthanize a healthy, adoptable animal for space in nearly seven years — a trend we definitely want to continue.”

From August to September, that organization had already taken in more than 2,200 cats and kittens.


Sun Cities 4 Paws


Sun Cities Animal Rescue


Arizona Humane Society


This could be about every shelter right now.

Every small thing you can do helps:  even if you’re not able to adopt, foster, or send money to help with expansions and costs of care, you might be able to buy a bag or some cans of the kind of cat food your shelter prefers and drop it off once a week or month, or donate an old cat-carrier or crate, or be able to help in some other way. Your shelter will certainly have ideas.

In the blogroll at right, there’s a ‘your local shelter’ link to help you find contact info should you need it.


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