Dog-walking safety reminder: hunting seasons have begun

Gilgamesh has a new vest this season.

He looks very dashing. Or will, now that I’ve made the necessary alterations to the Velcro waistband to stop the thing from spinning. Nothing ever fits his truly Victorian figure out of the box.

In Massachusetts and Vermont, bear season has already begun, and as any large dog owner in a rural area probably already knows too well, people may shoot at your dog.

They may also shoot at you.

To find the hunting schedule for where you live, which should tell you who’s in the woods with you and what they’re carrying (though it won’t tell you how responsible or careful they are – or whether they’re drunk), a web search of “hunting season” and the name of your state should pull up the dates. And please, for Gilly’s peace of mind, don’t count on Sundays being safe: while the majority don’t break the rules, a minority do.

So get your dashing orange on, and be careful!

Massachusetts hunting schedule (PDF)

Vermont hunting schedule


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