Labor Day weekend

Click for more photos from Gilly’s 8th birthday on Prout’s Neck in Scarborough, Maine


2 responses to “Labor Day weekend

  1. This is a magnificent image in too many ways for my poor, science-geeky voice to express. I want to say that it is a view worthy of your mother’s work, but that would possibly make you feel like I would if someone were to say that one of my photos was worthy of my father’s: tremendously pleased, but somehow frustrated.

    Fooey. Gilly doesn’t compare, does he?

    Magnificent, Jessamyn.

  2. Many thanks, Sherwood – and not to worry: I love & admire my mother’s work, so it’s a nice compliment!

    I truly have no pretension to great art with my photos and videos, it’s just something I hugely enjoy doing. So if by happy accident I make something stunning, I credit the subject!

    And he is stunning, isn’t he? Maine’s no slouch, either.

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